Top Scarf Trends for Fall 2019

One accessory that can tie almost any outfit together is the scarf. It’s classy, elegant, and functional; the mere thought of one can bring anyone to that time of year when the leaves are falling, the cozy sweaters are coming out of hibernation, and the apples are ripe for picking. Scarves can carry a lot of emotional weight – so you want to be sure that whatever scarf you decide to rock this Autumn 2019, you’re choosing one that you’ll want to accompany you throughout your fall and winter memory-making.

To help you prepare to look your chicest this fall (while keeping on brand of course), here are the 2019 fall trends we’ve noticed for scarves – as well as our favorite vintage brands to look for when picking out your perfect scarf.

(Oversized pink scarf from ASOS)


There’s nothing quite like the magic of an oversized sweater or scarf. The moment you put one on, you’re immediately drawn into the comfy zone, mug in hand and slippers on feet. Look for long, chunky scarves to keep you warm and feeling cozy indoors or out – we particularly like oversized infinity scarves the best, as they cuddle up your neck perfectly!

(KaterinaHats on Etsy - Cable Knit Scarf)

Cable and Rib Knit

Your mother will be happy about this one – if she isn’t already knitting you a scarf! Cable and rib knits will be very trendy this fall, and while you can buy these trends in store, this may finally be the sign you needed to try out knitting on your own! If you’re scared of those kind of needles, though, don’t worry – you can always find cable or rib knit scarves in vintage shops.

vintage fur and faux fur scarves

(Left: Vintage genuine fur scarf. Right: Vintage faux fur scarf)


Incorporating fur into your scarf look is a great way to add a look of class and luxury to your fall outfit. Fur scarves are great for a date night – pair one with a long, beige trench coat, a hair wrap, and round sunglasses, and Audrey Hepburn will be calling you up from the grave asking where you get your taste!

Be careful about your moral compass with this one – a lot of vintage pieces use real fur, so if you would rather have faux, be sure you can tell the difference. A quick test can be done by placing the fur between your fingers and rolling it back and forth; real fur will be soft and smooth, rolling effortlessly. Fake fur will struggle to roll and have a stiffer, rougher texture to it.

Vintage Silk Scarves - ThisBlueBird

(Vintage Silk Scarves from ThisBlueBird - Modern Vintage)


While Parisians have always embraced this trend, it’s making its way state-side this season. Paisley, floral, leopard – many different types of patterns will be seen on scarves this fall. One common theme, however, will be the color palette; make sure the patterned scarf you buy falls in line with classic autumn colors of burgundy, orange, yellow, and brown. If you want to go all-out-fall, consider buying a flannel scarf!