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Stylish Vintage Movie Icons

May 08, 2019

When it comes to building your vintage fashion wardrobe, it can be hard to figure out where exactly to start. Turning to classic movies is a great way to really nail down the fashion of that decade – it was made during that time!

Here are some of our favorite movie fashion icons from four different decades, and how you can recreate our looks with items from ThisBlueBird!

Stylish Vintage Movie Icons_ThisBlueBird Blog Audrey Hepburn Funny Face

Audrey Hepburn as Jo Stockton in “Funny Face” (1957)

A film as in love with fashion as the main character herself, Funny Face is a must-see for all vintage lovers. Jo Stockton started as a bookstore employee and skyrocketed in the modeling world of Paris.

Lucky enough to live out the fantasies of most fashionistas, Jo adorned timeless gowns and pieces, created by real-world fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy.

Shop the look:

vintage 1950s pink chiffon evening gown

Vintage 1950s Pink Chiffon Evening Gown and Matching Jacket


Stylish Vintage Movie Icons_ThisBlueBird Blog Faye Dunaway Bonnie and Clyde Movie

Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker in “Bonnie and Clyde” (1967)

Bonnie was arguably the most stylish criminal of the twentieth century. Classic with Parisian flair and the mod influences of the time, Bonnie Parker needed nothing more than a trench coat and a beret to make a statement. While the concept may be overdone with couples on Halloween, take it up a notch and adopt her style every day with real vintage fashion.

Shop the look:

vintage 1970s leather trench coat

Vintage 1970s Leather Trench Coat


Stylish Vintage Movie Icons_ThisBlueBird Blog Diana Ross Mahogany

Diana Ross as Tracy Chambers in “Mahogany” (1975)

Tracy Chambers knows what it takes to stand out, as well as how important it is to be yourself, no matter what. She also learns the hard lesson of not losing touch of herself, and to let love into her life. Take this to heart and use her influence to find gorgeous dresses and kimonos with warm tones that have stood the test of time, and reclaim your inner beauty, love, and appreciation for yousrelf!

Shop her look:

vintage silk kimono robe terra cotta floral print

 Vintage Silk Kimono Robe / Terra Cotta Green Floral


Stylish Vintage Movie Icons_ThisBlueBird Blog Winona Ryder Heathers Movie

Winona Ryder as Veronica Sawyer in “Heathers” (1988)

The 80’s always seem to have an influential hold on current fashion, and it’s clear why; Veronica and the Heathers were geniuses at taking bland school uniforms and transforming them into a wardrobe with personality and pops of color. Take inspiration from their over-sized blazers and ruffled skirts to create a look anyone would die for.

Shop the look:

vintage 1980s leather cropped blazer jacket vintage 1980s tartan wool plaid kilt skirt


Vintage 1980’s Electric Blue Leather Cropped Jacket and Vintage 1980s Tartan Plaid Kilt Mini Skirt


Which decade of fashion is your favorite? Will you be trying any of these influences? Let us know in the comments! 



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