Jazz Age Lawn Party

It can be hard to find the right event to match that outfit you have been saving for a special occasion. If you live in New York or are planning a getaway in June, then we have the perfect party to pull out your very best vintage duds. The Jazz Age Lawn Party is being held this year on June 11th and 12th and just might be the historical event of the decade. Celebrating its 16th year and also the return to the 20s, this will be a party like no other!

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What is the Jazz Age Lawn Party?

Thousands of people come from far and wide to gather on Governors Island in New York. They come to celebrate not only the fantastic music of the 1920s but also the culture and beautiful style that jazz music inspired. The party is a multi-day gathering that includes music, dance, good food, and flashy vintage clothing. 

What you can expect to see at the Jazz Age Lawn Party

Obviously, there will be an amazing array of jazz artists, most prominently Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra. The party will also feature Gelber and Manning Band, the world’s best piano man Peter Mintun and more! In line with the music, there is also a massive dance floor so you can show off that fabulous flapper dress and your best vintage moves. Gourmet food trucks, alcohol for those over 21, and a pop-up barber booth will also be available.

Jazz Age Lawn Party - ThisBlueBird.com

History of the Jazz Age Lawn Party

In 2005 Michael Arenella held a small gathering to celebrate the music he holds dear to his heart. In Michael’s eyes, the jazz age is still alive but not thriving. Wherever he goes, the music he brings with him is a way for him to bring Jazz to life and help it grow in the hearts of others. For 16 years, Michael has been keeping the tradition alive. It has grown from a small get-together to one of the most significant events in the world of vintage.

What the Jazz Age Lawn Party means for the vintage world

Participation in events of this type by everyday people keeps the world of vintage alive. Without events for us to mingle and grow as a community, the vintage world might quietly slip into the past. The Jazz Age Lawn Party is unique because of the attention it draws from the world at large. Vintage fashion and vintage music go hand in hand and pair perfectly with one another.

When one is celebrated, often the other is as well. Events like this help keep the past alive and encourage new people to get involved in our beloved traditions.

Jazz Age Lawn Party - ThisBlueBird.com

If you get the chance to go, this party will easily be one you talk about for years to come. If New York is just a little too far, however, you can always see videos of the event on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. If you do choose to attend and need some vintage garb for the occasion, you can check out ThisBlueBird for all of your vintage needs.