All About Vintage Hairstyles

Spring is here, and with it comes fun get-togethers and lovely nights out on the town. Warmer weather also means we get to swap out our cozy sweaters for flowing dresses and colorful tops. You might already have your favorite vintage dress picked out for the next big bash, but have you thought about the rest of your look? A great vintage hairstyle can take your snazzy outfit to the next level.

Here are 5 of our favorite hairstyles to spice up your look this spring.

The Curly Bob

A timeless classic, the curly bob is a low-maintenance and easy look to accomplish. It becomes even easier to create if you are blessed with pre-existing curls. All you need is a little hair spray and a cute headband to hold things in place. For the rest of us, a curling iron may be required to achieve the needed bounce and construct this beautiful style. 

All about vintage hairstyles

An Elegant Updo

Fancy parties that call for our best dresses and mama's pearls go best with a hairstyle that screams elegant. This pinned-updo features fantastic volume and a style that will last the entire night. With your hair swept back from the face and shoulders, not only will it keep you cool, but it will also display those beautiful pearls or statement earrings you choose to pair this hairstyle with.

All about vintage hairstyles

Big Hair Don’t Care

This hairstyle is a sure winner whether you’re headed to the beach or for a night out. If you have natural volume, it’s a simple matter of playing it up. Hairspray to keep it from going flat is a must! Big hair is also fun to make sparkle with shiny hair clips or fashionable headbands. Plain or sparkly, this is an ideal hairstyle for nearly any event.

All about vintage hairstyles

Big Bangs and Curls

Another great look for the party that demands your best, this style frames the face and lets your luxurious locks shine. Big bangs are the focal point in this look, and they are an easy indicator that you know your vintage fashion. Loose curls add polish to the overall style and will instantly draw attention to your hairstyle.

All about vintage hairstyles

The Hat

Not a hairstyle exactly, but the hat is such a great look we couldn’t help but mention it here. With so many options and styles to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for you. A fancy hat can take the perfect hairstyle to another level. Try it over your short curly bob or pin it on your big hair. Any way you wear it is fabulous!

All about vintage hairstyles

We hope we have given you some inspiration on the perfect look for you this spring. To complete your new style, check out our fantastic selection of vintage clothing at ThisBlueBird. You’ll be sure to find a piece to complete your whole vintage look!