A Vintage Eye on 2019 Summer Fashion Trends

Last season, we talked about delicious sorbet pastels, crocheted comebacks, light cardigans, and everything beige. While some of these trends are most likely going to be carried over into summer 2019, there are definitely new styles and trends to watch out for as well! Here’s what we’re observing coming into fashion for summer, and how you can incorporate a vintage spin to it!

80’s Styled Mini Dress

As vintage fashion advocates, we are obviously all about this! Dresses with puffed sleeves, shoulder pads, belts, plunging necklines and old-fashioned patterns are going to be keeping women cool (in every sense of the word) everywhere this summer. Think Lisa Turtle’s prom dress, but with a down-played, elegant spin to it.

vintage 1980s black and gold chiffon party dress

Vintage 1980’s Black and Gold Chiffon Party Dress


If you liked this trend last season, fear not! It’ll continue to be just as cool and trendy this season. Rather than stuffy in-office suits however, think about this classic silhouette with an airy, casual feel. Perhaps a romper with a suit jacket, or a looser-fitting suit jacket with a breezy maxi skirt. The goal is to look carefree, yet still put together.

vintage 1970s Butte Knits ivory knit nautical blazer jacket

Vintage 1970s Butte Knit Blazer Jacket


White Blouse

From the chic streets of Paris, to the chilled beaches of L.A., white blouses work anywhere and anytime. Take this classic look up a notch by finding a piece with extra ruffles, baggy sleeves, or unique stitching and detailing, and pair it with ripped jean shorts, sleek black capri pants, or a maxi skirt in a bright neon color.

vintage 1960s classic white blouse with lace trim

Vintage 1960s White Blouse with Lace Trim

Elegant Floral

Blooming flowers are one of the most prominent signs of summer, so why not celebrate this by adorning it on your clothing? The pastel trend of last season combines with this trend so well – find shirts, dresses, kimonos, or pants with light pink or mint flowers, and combine with a neutral basic to really show off your outfit coordination skills. Find outfits with smaller, more delicate flower patterns for that ultimate summer romance look.

Vintage green floral cotton wrap dress

Vintage 1960’s Green Floral Print Wrap Dress


What do you think of these summer trends? Which ones will you be rocking this summer? Let us know down below in the comments!