2022 Summer Jewelry Trends

The very word “summer” strikes a chord in many people. With the word “summer” the mind begins to wander about hot days at the lake or beach, warm evenings driving with the windows down and the music blaring and making sure you have just the right outfit and accessories for every occasion. Whether you are going on a picnic, or to a dressy summer party, you need just the perfect pieces of jewelry to create the summer look you want. Let ThisBlueBird help you find your 2022 summer jewelry trends.

Chunky Gold Chains

White outfits and chunky gold chains scream summer. Chunky gold chains are timeless pieces of jewelry that transcend time and seasons. You can don the necklace with a gorgeous white dress for a wedding or party and then pair it with a white tank top to ensure you never have just a plain casual look. A chunky chain also can add an edge to a super feminine blouse and a pair of jeans. Add the necklace to a scarf and create your own scarf top. As an accent or the eye-catching statement of your outfit, don’t be caught this summer without the chunky gold chain.

chunky gold chain necklace

Pearlescent Jewelry

Just like the gold necklace, pearlescent jewelry is another any-time, any place piece to have in your wardrobe. A strand of pearls is an obvious choice for an evening gown for a formal party and a beautiful pearlescent necklace, like this Delicate Sterling Water Drop Necklace adds a feminine touch to any casual outfit, especially a simple, flowy sundress. ThisBlueBird’s Mother of Pearl Coin Necklace and the Pearl Starfish Necklace adds a touch of shimmer to sun kissed skin when wearing a tank top and shorts.

Delicate Sterling Water Drop Necklace

sterling silver glass water drop necklace

Necklace Layering

It’s time to bring out all your chains! Necklace layering is a hot trend for the summer of 2022. From gorgeous leaf-patterned necklaces to gemstone chains or a pearlescent shell chain, these are perfect for the layering look of any outfit. Add layered necklaces to a daringly plunging neckline or to a crisp white tee-shirt to spruce up a casual look. This trend is so much fun and makes you able to add an individual touch to every outfit.

 abalone shell feather gold plated necklace

Eye-popping Earrings

Get ready to be as bold as you want this summer with earrings as big and bold as your personality! Add some vintage earrings that give homage to old Hollywood with earrings that give a chandelier feeling. Go super chunky with your gold earrings this summer and pair them with a business suit to add a little pizzaz to your work wardrobe or geometric bright colors to a sundress to bring out the tan you have been working on this summer.

Gold Shell Feather Earrings

abalone shell feather gold plated earrings

Jewelry is a timeless way to add just the right touch of your personality to any look or occasion. The hot trends of summer 2022 give you the nod to go bold or to add a touch of feminine elegance to your outfits. ThisBlueBird has just the right necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to make a statement at all your 2022 summer events.